Hope This Finds Me Well

Kim: Living in the Moment, Cherishing the Past

Episode Notes

When you get this, you'll know what I'm talking about: Kim, a future best-selling author* in the Philippines, writes to herself days after a holiday romance in Vietnam came to its natural conclusion. In one of the season’s most visual, dream-like letters, Kim immortalizes moped rides in the rain, and all-encompassing joy tinged with sadness. While she knew the relationship had an expiry date, Kim is trying at once to hold onto happy memories and embrace her next solo chapter. For this season finale, Kim opens up to Maria, Sophie, and Steph about living in the moment, her personal goals, and avoiding self-sabotage. The hosts also share their own letters written way back at the start of the season, and reflect on their recent-past selves.

*our prediction, just listen to that filmic letter!

Has this season inspired you to write to yourself? Tell us about it! hello@editaud.io

Thanks to Matt for creating FutureMe and collaborating with us on this show by helping letter-writers opt-in to be interviewed.