Hope This Finds Me Well

Introducing: Hope This Finds Me Well

Episode Summary

Sneak peek of Season 1 of Hope This Finds Me Well.

Episode Notes

Stories about the past and future versions of ourselves and what we want to tell them. Hosts Maria, Steph and Sophie speak to people who have recently received a letter from their past self, to ask if life turned out as they expected. Guests unravel their most personal thoughts with three strangers, and find the beauty in the everyday. #HopeThisFindsMeWell is an editaudio original.  

Episode Transcription

Maria If you could travel in time and meet your future self--without messing up the whole time/space continuum, every action/reaction thing--what would you tell yourself? Well, loads of people do write to their future selves, and those letters get delivered back to them in a few months, or even years down the line. There’s a pile of them on the internet, and we are sitting down with the writers. Hope This Finds Me Well is a new podcast from editaudio, where I, Maria, and my co-hosts Steph and Sophie talk to people who have recently received a letter from their past self. And those seemingly mundane questions we ask ourselves? Turns out, people all over the globe are asking the same things. We learned a lot from taking these private conversations with ourselves, and unraveling them with strangers. These everyday letters were the jumping off point for a tonne of unguarded conversations. Over the series you’ll hear stories of identity, grief, and heartache. 

Jessica I wish that I had showed you more kindness. I held your hand as you died, but I understand now how much you must have craved human affection and touch.

Nicholas Happiness isn't something that feels very possible right now. It's been a hard couple of years. I'm sure you remember.

Maria But also tales of resilience, empowerment, love, and hope.

Marlo You are currently thinking that whoever you will date in the future is out in the world getting her own experiences.

Bella You seem to never stop going, no matter how difficult things get. And, honestly, it's kind of magical.

Jennifer I secretly can't wait for you to get this, emboldened by the power of knowing the future. You are a queen to me, and I send nothing but love and reverence to you.

Maria Join us and find the beauty in the everyday. Listen and subscribe now, to Hope This Finds Me Well.